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‘YES FOUNDATION presents YES! i am the CHANGE supported by YES BANK’ - a 12-episode show on Republic TV, highlighting the social impact of the unique model of YES! i am the CHANGE Social Filmmaking Challenge. The series will air on Republic TV every Saturday & Sunday at 4.30 p.m. (March 24, 2018 onwards)

Main Promo

YES! i am the CHANGE, YES FOUNDATION’s flagship program, is nationwide mindset transformation program to inculcate the spirit of responsible youth citizenship and drive positive social action through the impactful medium of films. YES FOUNDATION provides Youth and Non-Profits with a platform to use films as a storytelling medium to drive social impact. Towards this, the Foundation invites youth and filmmakers to participate in YIAC Social Filmmaking Challenge to depict stories of change of Non-Profits, Social Enterprises and Everyday Heroes.

The 12-episode show consists of 24 transformed filmmakers and their inspiring stories revolving around Non-Profits and social causes featured in their short films.

Episode 1:


The first episode of YES! i am the CHANGE series showcases the stories of 2 young filmmakers and 2 different worlds of sound. Meet Meghatithi Kabeer and Jatinder Singh Dhami.


Filmmaker/ Changemaker: Meghatithi Kabeer

  • Location: Delhi
  • About the YIAC film: The film portrays the story of Ravi Kalra, Founder, Save Earth Foundation, who is fighting against the menace of noise pollution in India. Ravi Kalra is lovingly nicknamed the "No Honking Man of India". In a civilised society, noise pollution has no space and Mr. Karla has been fighting against it since 2008. Through his interaction with various government officials, he was instrumental in getting January 1 declared as ‘No Honking Day’ in India. In 2013, his ‘Do Not Honk’ campaign in Delhi was featured in the Wall Street Journal in the US.

Filmmaker/Changemaker: Jatinder Singh Dhami

  • Location: Ludhiana
  • About the YIAC film: The film features the School for the Deaf Children, Ludhiana – a dedicated institution empowering children with auditory impairment through access to quality education and employability. The school, established in 1969 with just one child, currently has over 170 students who are trained through special speech classes, technology and art.

Episode 2:



Filmmaker/ Changemaker: Maverick Prem

  • Location: Chennai
  • About the YIAC film: A chance encounter with a homeless man in 1999 changed Mohammed Rafi’s life. Rafi, the proprietor of a small flourishing business in Chennai chose to action his empathy by setting up Anbagam, a rescue home for the mentally ill destitute of Chennai. Founded in 2002, Anbagam is the product of Rafi’s enduring and ceaseless efforts to restore human dignity. The YIAC film, Bridge of Souls showcases Mohammad Rafi’s journey of rescuing and rehabilitating Chennai’s homeless.

Filmmaker/ Changemaker: Gowsalya

  • Location: Chennai
  • About the YIAC film: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”, said Nelson Mandela. Out of sheer passion to provide opportunities to the underprivileged kids in his neighbourhood, Harigaran started teaching life skills to them for free. 8 years later, Harigaran’s classes are more than an evening tuition - it is now a school where kids discover the purpose of their lives through access to a holistic education. “Seeds of Change” is an inspiring story of the power of education.

Episode 3:



Filmmaker/ Changemaker: Amar Ramesh

  • Location: Chennai
  • About the YIAC film: The film portrays the story of ‘The Birdman’ Joseph Sekar, a camera technician from Chennai who unfailingly feeds over four thousand birds every day spending 40% of his monthly income. The film received tremendous response and galvanised support for Joseph from a cross-section of society. The positive response towards his film and the realisation that films can provoke social action, led Amar to start ‘Big Short Films’ to tell inspiring stories of everyday heroes.

Filmmaker/ Changemaker: Moinak Guho

  • Location: Kolkata
  • About the YIAC film: The film features Kolkata’s green cabbie, Dhananjay Chakraborty, lovingly known as “Gechho Bapi”. Bapi drives a cab with a refreshing patch of green on its roof and potted plants inside symbolising his passion for environment conservation. Working on the film and interacting with Bapi, made Moinak Guho realise the importance of promoting causes such as environment conservation through his films.