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How to make Short Films

How to make Short Films

  • Outline Your Idea Or Concept

    This is the foundation. An idea or concept is the broad message you want to convey through your film and use this concept as the focus of your script, around which you tell the story.

  • Get And Explore Various Features Of Your Equipments

    From a professional video camera to simple digital cameras or a mobile, use whatever you have. Learn more about it’s features, for instance –white balance, focus, sound on your camera.

  • Get To Know Your Subject

    Have a list of relevant interview questions about your subject. Interact with the people who you are going to make a film on and get know their story-their inspiration, beginning and the journey thereafter.

  • Write Your Script

    A script is a detailed account of story, setting, and dialogues exactly as you wish to see on screen. It usually breaks the film into scenes, placed in a sequence as they are to be filmed.

  • Make A Storyboard Of Your Film

    The point of storyboarding is to communicate your vision of the film to a team who will be working with you. These can include any sketches or photographs of setting, as well as scene breakdowns, types of shot , etc., Eg, a wide shot over the shoulder, tracking shot close up, extreme close up, medium wide shot to name a few.

  • Make A Production Checklist

    This is essentially an exhaustive list of all that you would require during the process of making the film and on the day of your shoot.

    • Cameraman
    • Lightman(if needed)
    • Props(if needed)
    • Actors/subject
    • Location
    • Shooting schedule etc.
  • Get Your Team On Ground Rehearse. Shoot Your Film!

    Respect privacy and be mindful of copyrights, take permissions and give credits.

  • Edit Your Film

    If you don’t have access to professional editing softwares, you can always use windows movie maker(it is already installed in PCs), imovie for Macs’ or online editing software in youtube:

  • Add Music And Credits

    Always use royalty free music!

  • Share

    Share your films with friends and don’t forget to upload them for our contest!

  • Toolkit guide for filmmaking

    Click here to download the YES! i am the CHANGE filmmaking toolkit