Our approach at YES Foundation is guided by our principles. These principles help us remain focused on realizing our purpose and build a culture which fosters innovation in an inclusive, empowering and engaging way.

  • Innovation icon Innovation

    We believe that innovation accelerates collaboration, reach and new solutions to the challenges facing our society. We are constantly innovating at a process and programme design level to create a robust ecosystem for India’s holistic and equitable growth and development.

  • Empowerment icon Empowerment

    We believe that each individual is capable of making a difference and impactful social transformation can only be achieved by working collectively. We focus on engaging people, especially youth and social impact organizations, and provide them avenues and opportunities to participate in the development of the country.

  • Inclusion icon Inclusion

    Social and economic inclusion are central to ensuring sustainable growth and development in India. Through our initiatives, we provide a platform to voices and sensitize people, especially the youth, on issues related to inclusive development.

  • Engagement icon Engagement

    We collaborate with civil society organizations, government bodies and communities. This engagement leverages sector strengths to enable the realization of our vision of an empowered and equitable India.